Thundering Hooves ~ Celebration Of The Horse

Honor Ride & Gathering

Santa Fe Plaza 

Santa Fe,  New Mexico 



Karen Hardy & Blue

"Many have said human history has been written on the back of the horse,

for me, my history is written through their eyes and on their hearts."  ~ Karen Hardy



The 2013 Celebration of the Horse event in Santa Fe, New Mexico was indeed a day of celebrating the horse.

The horseback ride to the Plaza was the highlight of the event, horses young and old were ridden including Jasper, an 22 year old American Mustang. 

The audience participation and interaction with the horses brought home the message ... horses are valued at any age! 

The horse in the photograph is Buddy, a gental old soul, who even at 34 years old, stands silently, embracing the touch of the young girl, connecting her to the beautiful Spirit of the Horse! ! 


Karen Hardy on the Value of old Horses




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"Perfect Partnership ~

Animals' Angels and Thundering Hooves Celebrate the Horse in Santa Fe."

                                                                                                                           Animals' Angels November 2013 Newsletter


Sita Loop  

Sita Loop.com

   "My Petroglyph Ponies are my 'Signature Paintings' and close to my heart.

 They represent the wild mustangs running free forever."  ~ Sita Loop




The image of the painted horse is part of photographer, Brady Willettes' painted horse project titled The War Pony Project 

"I am working with American Indians of different tribes to create art honoring their history and their connection to the Horse Nation with my art of the War Pony."

                                                                      ~ Brady Willette