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Thundering Hooves Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization incorporated in Texas.                    



"Of all the animals the horse is the best friend of the Indians, for without it he could not go on long journeys.

 A horse is the Indians' most valuable piece of property.  

If an Indian wishes to gain something he promises that if the horse will help him he will paint it with native dye, that all may see that help has come to him through the aid of his horse."

                                                                                 ~ Brave Buffalo, Teaton Sioux Medicine Man

EXCITING NEWS ....we are almost there!  

THUNDERING HOOVES in association with SO BE IT FILMS would like to THANK YOU for your patience and standing with us as we do the hard work to bring THEIR LAST RIDE Documentary Film to completion.

AS WE ENTER into Post-Production, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to help us jump over this final hurdle and bring THEIR LAST RIDE to audiences across the globe ...capturing hearts and initiating the important discussion on how to bring about the change these Nobel steeds so deserve!


    ALL DONATIONS will be put towards Post-Production of the film and are tax deductible. 

                                                                                                In Gratitude,

Their Last Ride Production Team.

A Direct Descendant of The "Trail Of Tears", Cherokee woman's personal journey that informs and reflects into the world of horse slaughter and how her grassroots organization, Thundering Hooves, provides a platform of creating awareness to the spirit of the Horse through multicultural participation and co-creation through all the ARTS.

Wanto to play a bigger role in the film please email for more information.  


Standing proud 24/7 in memory of all the Horses, Burros and Mules that have been hauled                                                        down this highway on their last ride! 


& take a BOLD STAND .... for the Horses! 

  Not only are the halters visible tributes to the Horses, your participation will help to make THEIR LAST RIDE Documentary Film a reality and bring to audiences across the Globe.

   HELP US TO take a BOLD STAND ....for all the Slaughter bound Horses, Burros, And Mules hauled down this highway on THEIR LAST RIDE.

As part of our fund raising campaign to cover cost of Post-Production of THEIR LAST RIDE ....for every $50 (or greater) Donation a halter will be added to the Memorial Fence.  Every halter represents our VOICES for ...the Horses! Your continued support of this important film for the Horses is greatly appreciated!


Thundering Hooves Memorial Fence in the news ~

2016 Santa Fe Plaza Celebration of the Horse Event ~  



Celebration Of The Horse event, in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico this past August was a resounding success.  

Baliador, the life size colt statue, was brought to life by the very talented Melody Perez, Wild Horse Artist, Singer, Songwriter.

Melody painted this lil cutie in the likeness of her Spanish Mustang colt, "Baliador".  

Baliador was a huge hit,  people of all ages were excited to lend their artistic talents, Famous Actor, Wes Studi, even stopped by and signed Baliador!  

                                               Albuquerque Journal

Memories of 2015 Celebration Of The Horse event,

                               Santa Fe, New Mexico.


  Santa Fe Plaza, 2015





Childrens' Art Project 

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

August, 2015

Click on banner above for information on the Childrens' Art Project.                                


Year Of The Horse Celebration

Santa Fe Plaza

Go here 2014 for event information.

"It was an honor to perform with my brother, Michael Roberts, at the Year of the Horse Celebration!

We enjoyed sharing who we are with the Native American artisans, event attendees, and Santa Fe Plaza patrons.

It is important for us, the Native Pride Dancers, to collaborate with artists and organizations that strive to make a positive difference in this world. Ketabi! Thank you!" ~ Larry Yazzie  



Celebration Of The Horse

Santa Fe Plaza

Go here 2013 for event information.

Olivia Schwiebert and her 22yr old American Mustang, Jasper who was the star of the show.  People were thrilled to be able to touch a horse.  Jasper stood quietly while everyone oohed and awed over him....what a tribute to our American Mustangs!   


Karen Hardy & Blue. 

"Many have said human history has been written on the back of the horse, for me, my history is written through their eyes and on their hearts."

                                                                                                                  ~ Karen Hardy

Karen speaks about the value of "Old Horses"


Native Peoples Event ~ Alpine, Texas

Go here 2012 for event information. 

"I was moved and honored to be part of such an amazing, real and up-lifting event designed with love and caring for the plight of horses and burros.  I will support Thundering Hooves as an artist along with my never ending compassion for the horse!  Keep up the good work Neta & Darrel" ~ Micki Free

Micki Free & Larry Yazzie. 



PLEASE CONTACT  your U.S. REPRESENTATIVE and urge them to cosponsor the SAFE Act in order to protect Americas' horses, burros and mules and overall consumer health from horse slaughter.   

Don't know who represents you in Congress or your state legislature?  Follow this link ASPCA web site, enter your zip code in the proper field and you will be directed to contact information for your elected officials.